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A quicker path from test to results...
More accurate data collection
Data mining and visualization
Painless surveys
For lab, user desktop, and remote usability testing.
Do the Walkthrough.

The suite is a cross-platform set of tools for web based usability testing. It decreases the time and effort required set up and do usability testing while increasing the accuracy and power of the data collected during testing. Uzilla makes the job easier for both usability practioners and webmasters.

The Uzilla suite exists to:
  • Decrease the time and effort required to usability test, enabling more frequent and effective testing in your software development process.

  • Increase the accuracy and detail available in web usability testing.

  • Empower all members of a development team to create, conduct, and benefit from a usability test.

  • Enable optimal versus observed analysis and iterative testing with quantitative data comparisons.

Usage Scenarios:
  • Supplement lab-based testing with precision data logging and speeded test design, implementation, and analysis.

  • Accomplish remote testing with consistency in browser UI and presentation.

  • Benchmark iterative product designs with result comparison.

  • Create a virtual usability lab at your users' desks.

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